Sunday, July 25, 2010

Maple Walnut Shortbread

I've neglected posting to this blog for several weeks, but haven't neglected experimenting with shortbread!

For example, for July 4 and our Marine son being home with us for a week, I frosted traditional shortbread with white chocolate, and topped it with chopped blueberries and cranberries for a patriotic look.

Many shortbread recipes call for vanilla, and I tried half of this batch with, half without.  Tasting before frosting, the family preferred no vanilla.  The vanilla seemed to mask the pure butter flavor that we enjoy.  This frosted shortbread was very rich- a winner.

I also tried chocolate shortbread.  Not able to locate Dutch Process cocoa in our town, I mail ordered some, and also tried shortbread with a square of semisweet melted chocolate.

The Dutch process batch was very chocolaty, the melted chocolate batch more like milk chocolate.  The family did not like either as much as more traditional shortbread, so I will probably not continue to experiment with chocolate.

Yesterday was shortbread day, and this week's flavor was maple-walnut. 
Here are the ingredients and amounts used:
   1/2 c. butter
   1/3 c. powdered sugar
   1 TB  maple syrup
   1/4 c. ground walnuts
   2/3 c. Ultragrain flour
   1/4 c. white rice flour

The shortbread has a wonderful flavor, just the right amount of maple.  If I make this flavor again, I'll use 3/4 c. flour to further adjust for the syrup liquid.

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