Thursday, December 9, 2010

Shortbreads I Have Known: McTavish Shortbread

When I sent out requests to shortbread companies for samples to include in the "Shortbreads I Known", Denise Pratt of McTavish Shortbread responded with a wonderful assortment of goodies. I invited a few friends over to taste and enjoy.

McTavish cookies attractively packaged, with distinguishing designs for each flavor:

Cookies are also available in bulk. That's how we received the delicious traditional butter shortbread.

These generously sized, 3.25-inch cookies remind you of treats fresh from grandmother's oven! The pure butter flavor is balanced with a combination of wheat and barley flours, for a hearty texture and delicious flavor. Sugar sprinkles on top add extra sweetness and another home-baked touch.

McTavish Shortbread Minis are lovely enough for the most formal tea:

These have the same special wheat and barley flour texture as the traditional McTavish cookies, and are packed with flavor. It was difficult to choose one favorite, but Hazelnut and Lemon-Lavender were at the top of our tasters' list. Both the Lemon and Lemon-Lavender shortbread had just the right amount of lemon oil, providing a refreshing taste, but never overpowering the butter.

As if the butter and sugar in McTavish cookies don't provide enough richness, chocolate-dipped shortbread is also available:

The dark chocolate coating is thick and rich. This charming Scotty cookie shape is a reminder of the authenticity of the delicious McTavish family recipe.

No time to bake for the holidays? Treat your family and friends to a taste of Scottish delight with McTavish Shortbread.

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